EASA Part 147 Section A - Technical Requirements Introduction

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This structured approach under Section A ensures that approved training organizations operate to the highest standards, contributing to the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry by providing well-trained maintenance personnel.

General (Section A, Subpart A)

A.10 General: Sets out the scope of the regulation, including the types of organizations it applies to and the general conditions for approval.

>> Role and Purpose: To define the regulatory framework’s boundaries and establish the baseline requirements for an organization to be considered for approval under Part 147.

Organizational Requirements (Section A, Subpart B)

A.15 Accountability: Specifies the need for a clearly identified accountable manager and outlines their responsibilities.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure there’s a designated individual with overall responsibility for the organization, ensuring compliance with Part 147 regulations.

A.20 Facility Requirements: Details the requirements for the facilities where training is conducted, including classrooms, workshops, and equipment.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure that the physical environment is conducive to learning and is equipped to support both theoretical and practical training needs.

A.25 Personnel Requirements: Defines the qualifications and experience needed for instructors, examiners, and other key personnel.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure that the organization has staff with the necessary expertise and capabilities to deliver high-quality training.

A.30 Documentation: Outlines the requirements for maintaining records and documentation, including training programs, qualifications, and certifications.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure that there’s a robust system for tracking compliance, student progress, and the effectiveness of training programs.

Training and Examination Standards (Section A, Subpart C)

A.35 Knowledge and Skill: Specifies the standards for theoretical knowledge and practical skills that must be covered in the training programs.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure that the training provided meets the competency standards required for aircraft maintenance personnel.

A.40 Basic Training Course Requirements: Details the requirements for courses that lead to a basic maintenance certification.

>> Role and Purpose: To define the structure and content of basic training programs, ensuring they meet industry standards.

A.45 Type Training Course Requirements: Specifies requirements for type-specific training programs, including content and duration.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure that training on specific aircraft types is comprehensive and meets the specialized needs of maintenance personnel.

A.50 Examination and Assessment Standards: Sets out the standards for examinations and assessments, including methods, integrity, and security.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure that examinations and assessments are conducted fairly and accurately reflect the competence of the trainees.

Quality System (Section A, Subpart D)

A.55 Quality System: Requires the establishment of a quality system to monitor compliance with Part 147 and the effectiveness of the training programs.

>> Role and Purpose: To ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of training quality, compliance with regulations, and the identification and correction of deficiencies.

Privileges (Section A, Subpart E)

A.60 Privileges: Describes the privileges granted to an organization upon receiving Part 147 approval, such as conducting approved courses and issuing certificates.

>> Role and Purpose: To delineate the specific rights and capabilities an organization gains with Part 147 approval, enabling it to officially contribute to the aviation maintenance training landscape.

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