Introducing a New Way to Access Sofema Online Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses!

 Freedom min

QWhat is the SOL Freedom Pass?

Sofema Online Freedom Pass Provides Access to a portfolio of online
training courses which would normally Cost Several 000’s Euros

QHow much does the Freedom Pass cost?

Sofema Online Freedom Pass costs 1275 EUR providing a 1-year opportunity to enrol in every SOL Course - including new courses added during your program membership.

QHow many persons have enrolled in Sofema Online Courses since last year?

• Over 17 500 enrolments since Jan 2020
• Over 12 861 certificates issued since Jan 2020*

* Please note the difference is accounted for by persons currently working
on the program

QWhy Freedom Pass?


To provide an opportunity for our clients to engage with a large number of courses with the knowledge that their cost is understood taken care of.

• Example:  You may wish to cover the whole CAMO & AMO Areas - or even complete Several Diplomas*!

  * Hard Copy Diplomas will be issued in accordance with оur Standard terms.

Value for Money

Please consider the cost of 1 year's access to Freedom Pass is actually less than attending a Single 2-day course with several of our competitors!

Build Competence with Freedom Pass!

• Prepare for Career Advancement
• Acquire Regulatory Knowledge across a Broad Area
• Choose the Courses you always wished to complete
• Why not add the leadership Diploma to your package

QHow long is the Freedom Pass Validity?

Each Freedom Pass is available to the registered User only for a period of 12 months from the issue

• Your Freedom Pass is personal to you and can not be transferred to another person.

• Special Note - up to an additional 6 months is available to complete the final course in which you are enrolled.

QConditions for using the Freedom Pass

• Only 2 Courses are opened at 1 time. Once completed you can request the next 2 courses. The advantage is the delegate has a spare course and should make it easier and more productive during weekends.

• You must Pass the Course to move on (Note our current failure rate is less than 0.05%)

• 3 attempts for Each Exam

• Standard Rates Apply for Re-sits

• Strict User Policy Enforced the Freedom Pass is not transferrable

• Full Payment Due on Enrolment (Part Payments not possible)

       • Freedom Pass was launched on 1st July 2021. SOL Freedom Pass does not attract additional single courses or Package Discounts.
         The Freedom Pass is not a package it is total access to all courses so there is currently no relevance for any previously offered discounts.

QClient Questions 

"I have never used Sofema Online before and I am concerned about investing the full sum until I have more confidence!"

We understand and effective from 1st July all clients will be offered the chance to receive a Discounted Price based on their last enrolment after July 1st, 2021. This allows you to try any course without losing the option of the Special Price when you enrol for the Freedom Pass.

We look forward to welcoming you to the program and wish you a great learning opportunity and experience!

QCorporate Freedom Pass

Corporate Access to over 250 online Training Courses - Now you can ensure a full 145 training Program for an organisation of up to 150 persons for a budgeted payment. For more information please follow the link: Corporate Freedom pass or contact us at

QNext Steps

Please email to address any questions or to request your enrolment in the program.
• Once enrolled you will use our special email to manage your learning path

Request full access to 250+ regulatory online courses!
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