Aviation Management of Change for AM, NP’s & Business Area Owners

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Brochure ButtonWelcome to our comprehensive course on Management of Change (MOC) within the context of an EASA-compliant Effective Safety Management System (SMS).

The ability to manage and adapt to change is crucial for the success and safety of any organization, especially within the different domains found throughout aviation (ATC – ANS – Airports – Operations CAMO – Maintenance etc.)

This course is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively manage and navigate organizational changes, ensuring they align with safety and operational goals.


This course is aimed at Aviation Managers (AM), Nominated Persons (NP), and Business Area Owners in the aviation industry. It is tailored to individuals responsible for safety management, business operations, and specific areas within aviation organizations, ensuring they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage organizational changes in alignment with safety and operational goals.


Attending this course will help the delegate to:
- Gain a thorough understanding of how Management of Change is integral to maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of a Safety Management System.
- Be able to identify various types of changes within an organization, including operational, technological, and strategic changes, and understand their potential impacts.
- Assess and manage the risks associated with organizational change, using proven principles and methodologies.
- Use Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs), Safety Performance Targets (SPTs), and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of change initiatives.
- Manage and integrate hazard identification processes within the context of change management.


• Management of Change Introduction
• The Role of MOC within an Effective SMS
• Processes to Ensure we Identify Change Throughout the Organisational System
• Business Risk Change Management Principles - How to Assess Change
• How to Ensure Effective Communication of Change
• Change Implementation Considerations
• Using SPI’s SPT’s and KPI’s as a Measure of the progress of change
• To consider how we can manage a Hazard Identification Process
• EASA 6-Step Analysis
• Effective Aviation System Root Cause Analysis using 5 Why & Fishbone Techniques together
• Introduction to Bowtie Risk Assessment Methodology


Understand the critical role of Management of Change within a Safety Management System, particularly in the aviation sector, recognising how MOC contributes to maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of SMS.

Identify, categoriсe and address different types of changes within an aviation organiсation, including operational, technological, and strategic changes.


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Category: Quality, Safety & Security
Price: 85 EUR


3 to 5 courses/delegates - 5%
6 to 10 courses/delegates - 10%
11 to 24 courses/delegates - 15%
25 to 49 courses/delegates - 20%
> 50 courses/delegates - 25%

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