EASA Part-145 Regulation EU 1321/2014 (Part 145 Initial) with VO

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EASA Part 145 is one of the most mature regulations with its European origins going back some 20 plus years to the introduction of the harmonized FAA / JAA regulation.

This course is specifically designed to be compliant with Regulation EU 2021/1963 update as we are focused on practical delivery of a specific understanding of the regulatory obligations. Thus the organization to ensure compliance whilst at the same time developing optimized organisational processes.

The Aims of the course are to give delegates a detailed overview of EASA Part 145 regulation, practical examples of Part 145 Implementation and challenges to SMS. Also promote the delegate’s understanding concerning both airworthiness and maintenance principles, as well as to consider the role of Contract and Subcontract Organisations.

With the introduction of new regulation (EU) 2021/1963 amending Continuing Airworthiness Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 as regards Safety Management Systems in maintenance organisations the course will provide guidance to the implementation of managements system. All Part-145 maintenance organisations are required to establish an occurrence reporting system. Therefore, the provisions of Annex II to Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 should be amended to ensure that the occurrence reporting system is established as part of the organisations’ management system and that the requirements are aligned with those of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council.


It is for persons who are actively involved in Operators and Maintenance Organisations, Regulatory Staff from National Aviation Authorities, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) approval holders.


a) Awareness of the structural composition and impact of EASA Part 145 Regulation
b) Understanding Organisational Roles and Responsibilities Compliant with EASA Part 145
c) Understand the environment driving the 145 process to focus your business decision process
d) Ability to Consider changes in EASA Part 145 and how they impact your specific organisation
e) Have confidence in full compliance and the ability to perceive opportunity to optimise
f) Confidence in a detailed knowledge of the key components of EASA Part 145
g) Have the knowledge to be able to implement part 145 within an Organisation
h) Have an in depth understanding of the Interface between Part 145 and Part M, roles responsibilities and obligations
i) Be able to demonstrate Part 145 Functionality and to avoid or mitigate problems
j) A detailed understanding of the Part 145 Quality System - The difference between QA & QC Roles and responsibilities
k) Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage full compliance within the Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO)


Abbreviation & Terms
Regulatory Framework
Regulatory Update EU 2021/1963
Considering the Primary Challenges Related to the Implementation of SMS
Contract & Subcontract Management (145.A.205)
Managing Competencies in a Part-145 Environment
Continuing Airworthiness - The Role of the Part-145 Inspector
Section A Technical Requirements 145.A.10 Scope
145.A.15 Application
145.A.20 Terms of Approval
145.A.25 Facility Requirements
145.A.30 Personnel Requirements
145.A.35 Certifying Staff and Category B1 and B2 Support Staff
145.A.37 Airworthiness Review Staff
145.A.40 Equipment, Tools and Material
145.A.42 Acceptance of Components
145.A.45 Maintenance Data
145.A.47 Production Planning
145.A.48 Performance of Maintenance
145.A.50 Certification of Maintenance
145.A.55 Maintenance Records
145.A.60 Occurrence Reporting
145.A.65 Maintenance Procedures
145.A.70 Maintenance Organisation Exposition
145.A.75 Privileges of the Organisation
145.A.80 Limitations on the Organisation
145.A.85 Changes to the Organisation
145.A.90 Continued Validity
145.A.95 Findings
145.A.120 Means of Compliance
145.A.140 Access
145.A.155 Immediate reaction to a safety problem
145.A.200 Management system
145.A.202 Internal safety reporting scheme


Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to 2.5 day classroom training
Category: Part 145
Price: 145 EUR


This course is part of the following programs:
EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Learning Path Diploma
AMO Learning Path Diploma
Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA - CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma
EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor Learning Diploma
Continuing Airworthiness Package 
EASA AMO/CAMO Quality Package for New Auditors


3 to 5 courses/delegates - 5%
6 to 10 courses/delegates - 10%
11 to 24 courses/delegates - 15%
25 to 49 courses/delegates - 20%
> 50 courses/delegates - 25%

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