EASA Part 66 Module 10 Aviation Legislation for Foreign Part 145 Aircraft and Components / Eng Staff

Part 66

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The Course is specifically designed to accommodate the specific needs of the Third Country Aircraft

Maintenance & Component Certifying Staff who are required to show compliance with the requirements

of EASA Part 66 Basic Licence Module 10. The material is specifically developed to meet the needs of

Aircraft Certifying Staff & Components, Engines and APU Certifying Staff. In accordance with the requirements of EASA document UG.CAO.00126-003 and UG.CAO.00121-004.

Note: EASA Requirement which will be supported by Sofema Aviation Services by liaison with the relevant Organisational Quality Manager.

When selecting a non-EASA Part-147 AMTO to provide the Human Factor training and/or Aviation Legislation, the maintenance organisation quality department shall be in a position to demonstrate as a minimum that:

The course is carried out according to a detailed syllabus including level of training as per EASA Part- 66 Module 9 and/or 10 as applicable (the duration of the course needs

to be specified to demonstrate the adequacy to cover all subjects);

This material is compliant with the objectives of the following documents: - Foreign Part-145 approvals - Components, engines, and APU certifying staff - UG.CAO.00126-003 - Date 22/10/2015; - Foreign Part-145 approvals - Aircraft certifying staff and support staff - UG.CAO.00121-004 - Date 28/02/2019.


Module 10 provides a detailed understanding of Aviation Legislation applicable to the needs of the Part 66 including the following subjects:

- Regulatory Framework
- Relationship between the various Annexes (Parts) such as
- Part-21, Part-M, Part-145, Part- 66, Part-147 and EU-OPS
- Certifying Staff
- Detailed understanding of Part-66 Approved Maintenance
- Organizations
- Detailed understanding of Part-145 and Part-M Air operations
- General understanding of EU-OPS Certification of aircraft parts and appliances Continuing airworthiness
- Detailed understanding of Part-21 provisions related to continuing airworthiness


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 5-day classroom training
Category:  Part 66
Price: 255 EUR


This course is part of the following programs:
Human Factors Module 9 plus Air Leg Module 10 for Foreign Part 145 Approval Holders