Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Aviation Staff

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Brochure ButtonHistorically, aviation security measures have focused on detecting weapons rather than to identify persons with malicious intent however the current understanding identifies that there is a need to focus more on the person being screened.

The Airport Council International (ACI) World Aviation Security Standing Committee works with ICAO to ensure that global standards and recommended practices are the most appropriate and covers all aspects of security, including airport design and protection; passenger and baggage screening; access control; cargo security; risk assessment & incident management, security technology. ACI recommends training for all airport staff - Today there is growing recognition of the importance of the need for airport staff in general to be more conscious of the behaviour of persons around them.

A person who is about to commit a terrorist attack or criminal act will likely manifest some signs of nervousness (etc.) in their verbal communication and body language. Identifying these cues can help to pre-empt the act and can enable the security and law enforcement personnel to focus more attention and resources on these persons.

This course is intended as a short awareness introduction of security measures for all non-security staff who are employed within the airport environment.


- Introduction to Aviation Security
- Legislation in Area of Aviation Security
- Control of the Access to the Airports and Airside
- Passenger Security Measures
- Flight Deck Security
- Security of Aviation Cargo
- Security of Mail and Catering
- Airside Security Measures
- Identifying and Reporting Security Issues


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to half-day training
Category: Quality, Safety & Security
Price: 63 EUR


This course is part of the following programs:
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Flight & Ground Operations Learning Path Diploma
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