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CAR 145 refocuses in the main on emulating the requirements found in EASA Part 145, with a number of notable differences. The UAE GCAA has introduced the Maintenance Organization Review Certificate (MORC), in addition to considering the CAR X Safety Management System (SMS) and Reporting of Safety Incidents (ROSI). The aim of the course is to give delegates a recurrent overview of GCAA CAR 145 regulations. The training will also promote the delegates' understanding of both airworthiness and maintenance principles, including a thorough understanding of the role of CAR 145.

In particular, the delegate will review the role of Contract and Subcontract organisations, as well as gain a deep understanding of the interfaces and responsibilities of the CAR 145 and CAR M Organisations. Understanding the regulations driving the CAR 145 process enables you to make the best business decisions and ensure compliance.


• Awareness of the structure composition and impact of GCAA CAR 145 Regulation

• Ability to Consider changes in GCAA CAR 145 and how they impact your specific organisation

• Confidence in a detailed knowledge of the key components of GCAA CAR 145

• A detailed understanding of the CAR 145 Quality System – The difference between QA & QC Roles and responsibilities


1. Review of Changes CAR Part V CAR-145 Approved Maintenance Organisations
2. Regulatory Framework
3. CAR 145 Purpose Content and Relationship
4. Contract & Subcontract Management
5. Managing Competencies in a CAR145 Environment
6. SMS and CAR 145
7. 145.1 General
8. 145.10 Scope
9. 145.A.15 Application
10. 145.20 Terms of approval
11. 145.25 Facility requirements
12. 145.A.30 Personnel requirements
13. 145.35 Certifying Staff and Category B1 and B2 Support Staff
14. 145.40 Equipment, tools and material
15. 145.A.42 Acceptance of Components
16. 145.45 Maintenance data
17. 145.A.47 Production planning
18. 145.48 Performance of Maintenance
19. 145.50 Certification of maintenance
20. 145.55 Maintenance records
21. 145.60 Occurrence reporting
22. 145.65 Safety and quality policy, maintenance procedures and quality system
23. 145.70 Maintenance organisation exposition
24. 145.A.75 Privileges of the organization
25. 145.80 Limitations on the organization
26. 145.85 Changes to the organization
27. 145.A.90 Continued validity
28. 145.95 Findings
29. Section B: Maintenance Organisation Review Certificate (MORC) Regulations


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Category:  FAA, UAE & Other Regulations
Price: 85 EUR


3 to 5 courses/delegates - 5%
6 to 10 courses/delegates - 10%
11 to 24 courses/delegates - 15%
25 to 49 courses/delegates - 20%
> 50 courses/delegates - 25%

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