Sofema Online : Shaping the Future of Aviation Regulatory Training

History and Development of Sofema OnlineShaping the Future of Aviation Regulatory Training

Starting in 2013 under the brand we launched an online training platform. The objective was to deliver EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational compliance training to a high professional standard, together with the strongest possible administrative support.

Initially focusing on EASA-only regulatory training for the aviation industry, SOL has significantly expanded its range of courses over the years. This expansion includes a shift from being exclusively focused on EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) compliance to incorporating a broader array of non-EASA training options. This evolution was marked by a significant rebranding effort in 2014 when transitioned to to more accurately reflect the diversity of its course offerings beyond just EASA-related content.

Sofema Online – Today

Sofema Online, known as SOL, is a platform developed by Sofema Aviation Services, dedicated to offering high-quality online training solutions focused on regulatory compliance.

SOL training portfolio includes a vast range of categories like Part 145, Part M, Part 21, Safety Management Systems, Quality Assurance, Dangerous Goods, Employee Health & Safety, EWIS, Human Factors, and Non-EASA Regulations, among others.

  • >> The platform stands out for its commitment to providing industry professionals with exceptional learning experiences, ensuring they remain updated on the latest regulatory developments and best practices within the aviation sector.
  • >> Through SOL, aviation professionals can review material and complete examinations online, catering to the needs of a global audience.
  • >> This approach enabled learners to achieve the necessary level of understanding from their own home or office, further emphasizing the flexibility and reach of SOL's educational services.
  • >> Each category is designed to meet the varied needs of aviation professionals, ensuring comprehensive knowledge and compliance with industry standards.
  • >> Engagement and Customization by offering customized options for their training programs.

Note - If a client's needs are unmet by the existing courses, Sofema Online commits to developing a new course tailored to those requirements for groups of at least 20 delegates.

Commented Steve Bentley FRAeS CEO of Sofema - “ SOL's amazing growth which is supported today by an online course catalogue of over 330 Courses, Packages and Diplomas, as well as our innovative training solutions the Freedom Pass, truly identifies us as a pioneer in the aviation training sector. Our platform's ability to serve thousands of users concurrently, together with our recognition by EASA & European Competent Authorities underpins our deep understanding of our industry's requirements and challenges. We are very much looking forward to embracing technology to support our developments over the next 10 years”

Growth Dedication & Aspiration

Over the years, SOL has demonstrated a commitment to expanding and enhancing its training programs.

  • The company's growth is evidenced by its extensive course catalogue, featuring over 660 classroom and webinar courses along with more than 300 online courses by 2024. The platform has attracted thousands of professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of aviation regulations and vocational skills with courses developed by industry professionals boasting over 50 years of commercial aviation experience.

Sofema Online Corporate History Key Event Milestones

A significant milestone for Sofema Online was reaching the capacity to serve 3,000 concurrent users by 2019, demonstrating the platform's robust capability to deliver quality education without slowing down.

  • This achievement underscored their dedication to meeting the growing demand for specialized aviation training. To further accommodate their expanding user base, they extended their license to serve up to 5,000 persons, highlighting their ongoing efforts to provide accessible and efficient training solutions.
  • The online learning diploma offered by Sofema covers core aviation business areas, including EASA Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organization, Aircraft Maintenance Organization, Quality & Safety, and Flight & Ground Operations.

Note Today Sofema Online has a licence for unlimited concurrent enrolments (necessary to be able to accommodate our 20,000 plus active users)

In 2021 with over 220 courses available on the platform the SOL Team looked for ways would support the client's learning development in the best way by packaging together typically more than 10 relevant courses and applying an additional substantial discount to develop a learning solution which is efficient and effective to provide flexibility to our client's learning objectives.

This initiative was introduced to provide cost-effective, comprehensive online training in EASA Regulatory and Vocational Competence, offering a flexible and efficient way for industry professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills for career development.

  • Sofema Online Learning Diploma Key Feature Summary

>> The perfect way to demonstrate to your current or future employer that you have achieved a basic understanding of the subject matter across a range of related topics.

>> Demonstrate your Regulatory Knowledge across a wide range of related subjects.

>> Build competence in your chosen area.

>> Ideal Preparation for Career Advancement.

>> Print multiple course completion certificates online.

>> Receive Your Hard Copy Diploma (Or Diploma with Distinction) worldwide on completion.

>> Enjoy a substantial discount for the many courses undertaken.

By 2022, Sofema Online was recognized by the competent authorities for its comprehensive online regulatory and vocational training. Enrolling over 24,000 delegates in EASA, FAA, and other leading regulatory training courses, showcasing their significant impact on the aviation training industry.

From 2022 to 2024, Sofema Online demonstrated significant progress and introduced several innovations to enhance its training offerings. Here are key milestones and offerings during this period:

Building on a 30% growth in business during 2022 SOL announced an increase in their course offerings to 250 courses, packages, and diploma programs. This growth was part of their commitment to providing a wide array of EASA effective regulatory compliant and vocational training.

Extended Learning Opportunities with the introduction and updating of various Learning Path Diplomas, including ones focused on Quality & Safety Competence, General Aviation Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation, EASA Part 147 Instructor Development, and many more. Each diploma is composed of a set of courses tailored to specific areas within the aviation industry, such as quality & safety, flight & ground operations, and leadership and management skills development.

With Pioneering Training Solutions SOL continues to innovate, for example, consider the personal Freedom Pass and Corporate Freedom Pass, which offers access to unlimited online regulatory compliant & vocational training for individuals and corporations, and the Sofema Online Plus loyalty network, providing various benefits and discounts to members.

These milestones illustrate Sofema Online's dedication to enhancing aviation training through innovative solutions, a comprehensive curriculum, and a client-focused approach, aiming to meet the industry's evolving needs while supporting the professional growth of aviation personnel worldwide.

Conclusion & Next Steps

As Sofema Online moves forward, it stands not just as a repository of knowledge but as a vibrant community of learners, educators, and industry professionals united by a common goal—to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency within the aviation industry.

The journey of SOL is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in nurturing the professional growth of aviation personnel worldwide. With its rich history, SOL is poised to continue shaping the future of aviation training, meeting the evolving needs of the industry with agility and expertise.

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