EASA Compliant Aviation Reliability and Mathematics

Consolidated EASA Reliability Mathematics Package SmallEASA Compliant Aviation Reliability and Mathematics


Consolidated EASA Reliability & Mathematics Package

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» Reliability Program Training Course EASA

» Reliability Program according to EASA Part-M

» EASA Part CAMO Reliability Obligations

To fully comply with EASA Part-M requirements & Part CAMO requirements, an airline shall demonstrate the reliability of its aircraft technical serviceability to the Competent Authority in the form of a Reliability Program.


Reliability can be about far more than simply maintaining Maintenance Programme (MP) effectiveness and reliability. Data collected through the reliability analysis process can be used to support the optimization of the maintenance process.

Presenting the Ultimate EASA Reliability Training Program

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to present the Ultimate Reliability Package covering EASA Part M Implementation, Development as well as the Management of an Effective Reliability Program (3 Days in the Classroom) as well as all areas of Reliability Mathematics in Details

Introduction - Understand not just the principal processes which facilitate an EASA aircraft reliability program but also the practical application of the mathematics behind the processes. By undertaking this course you will gain a detailed awareness of the roles, responsibilities and functionality of a fully compliant Reliability Program.

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Benefits of Completing this Training Program

You will have a comprehensive understanding of the role of a reliability program which is required to support the maintenance programme for MSG-3 aircraft.

You will be able to setup and manage a reliability programme

You will have a comprehensive understanding of the basic mathematical principles applicable to the reliability function within the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)

Gain a basic knowledge of statistical analysis, and how these principles are applied to reliability data.

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