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From 24 March 2020 Annex Vc Part-CAMO will become a valid EASA approval.

From 24 March 2022 Part-M Subpart G organisation approval will no longer be available. (By this date all existing CAMO organisations must migrate to the new approval format.)

What is the Difference between Part M Subpart G & Part CAMO?

Part-CAMO provides requirements for Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO): compared with Part-M Subpart G organisation, the main difference is the introduction of SMS principles.

Introducing SMS in EASA Part-CAMO

A fully compliant Safety Management System provides a mechanism to proactively seek, identify, quantify as well as mitigate risks and potential hazards which exist in the business. Moreover, it provides a mechanism to deliver a safer working process and environment in every facet of your day to day business activities.

This course delivers a practical pathway to implement Safety Management System (SMS) within your Part-CAMO organisation.

During the course, we will consider the challenges and issues which need to be overcome and successfully addressed.


It is for persons who are actively involved in the management or Interaction or the organisations' SMS including Accountable Managers, Directors, Managers, CAMO Managers, and CAMO staff, Safety System Stakeholders. Competent Authority Regulators and Inspectors, Operations Directors, Managers, Supervisors. Quality and Safety Managers and Auditors.


a) Understand the Evolution of Safety
b) Understand the purpose and methodology of proactive SMS
c) Be able to develop an effective process for the implementation of a fully compliant SMS

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