How To Start A Course


Templates demoThank you for choosing Sofema Online for your training needs!

SofemaOnline (SOL) is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services, offering a range of EASA compliant online regulatory courses, many with voice over.

All Regulatory and Vocational training courses are carefully formulated to be effective and to help you reach the correct level of understanding in the comfort of your own home or office.


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The good thing about online courses is that you may stop and continue from the place you stop whenever you like. When you decide to continue our system remembers when you logged out and starts the course from the module (slide) you stopped last time. This means that you can divide courses in any way that is convenient for you.
The course content is followed by an online examination after which you are able to print out your certificate.

Our online training courses delivered through SofemaOnline are available to the delegate for 9 months, to complete the training, sit the exam and print the certificate. You will have 3 attempts on the exam, if you fail all of them you will need to buy the training again with 50% discount.

How to start the course?
Once you have purchased the courses and they are available in your account, you can easily start your training by following the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Log in with your credentials

  • STEP 2&3: Click on “Courses” and than “My Courses”

  • STEP 4: Click "Open Course" to start individual courses
    How to start Diplomas and Packages: Open the individual courses beneath the Diploma/Package tab

  • STEP 5: Scroll down the bottom of the course and click “Start to begin
  • * Download the PDF file for illustrations


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