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We work closely with the aviation industry to design and deliver comprehensive online training that is relevant and responsive to the expectations of the organisations, at minimum cost.

Being a customer-oriented organisation we always strive to provide our valued customers with a wild selection of online courses to match each training need as well as the most cost-effective solutions for both companies and individuals.

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Initial package - HF, FTS, EWIS 1&2 with VO 175.00 145.00 EUR

Recurrent package - HF, FTS, EWIS 1&2 with VO 145.00 115.00 EUR

Special Initial Package for CAMO Mandatory Training Courses (HF, SMS, EWIS, FTS) 284.00 185.00 EUR

EASA Part CAMO Safety (SMS) & Human Factor (HF) Training (Initial) with VO 185 EUR 125 EUR

Part 145 Training Package for CAT A Certifying Staff  175.50 EUR 150 EUR

New Aircraft Technical Leasing Diploma by SOL Take it with 10 off by the end of July 2022Sofema Online has launched a New Diploma designed to appeal to the needs of aviation professionals:

Aircraft Technical Leasing – EASA Learning Path Diploma

Sign up with a 10% discount by quoting “Leasing-Diploma-10” at before 31 July 2022.

Sofema Online introduces the Aircraft Technical Leasing – EASA Learning Path Diploma equivalent to 14 days of classroom training for 600 EUR (normal price is 952 EUR).

This Package will provide you with evidence of a wide understanding of Technical Leasing Obligations      and Technical Management Requirements. Read more

The Aircraft Technical Leasing – EASA Diploma combines the following 10 online courses (each one is      certificated), which are suitable for all key members preparing for an end of lease transition:

1. EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Essentials for Lease Companies
2. Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves
3. Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff
4. EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff
5. Logistics & Stores Inspection EASA & FAA Suspect Parts Training
7. AD, SB & Repair Considerations for EASA CAMO
8. FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) training
9. Aviation Leadership – Negotiating Skills
10. EASA Recurrent Updates Parts

The delegates have 15 months to complete the entire program. On completion of all 10 courses, the student is awarded a hard copy diploma.

The regular price of the courses when undertaken individually = 952 EUR

Special Price to obtain your Diploma with Sofema Online Learning Development = 600 EUR

Register before the end of July 2022 & take 10% Off the Price by quoting “Leasing-Diploma-10” at

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