Sofema Online Offers a Series of Unique Courses Dedicated to EASA Part 145 Certifying Staff

EASA Regulatory Update Parts M CAMO 145 21 2020 2021 SmallSofemaOnline (SOL) has put together a number of specialist training courses

specifically focused on the need to maintain certifying staff currency.

» Aircraft Inspection Techniques (Recurrent) with VO

» EASA Part 145 Back to Basics

» EASA Recurrent Updates Parts (M-CAMO-145-21)

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Aircraft Inspection Techniques (Recurrent) with VO - Aircraft Inspection is quite possibly one of the most important tasks that you as a certifying engineer will perform. Visual inspection is usually the most economical and fastest way to obtain an early assessment of the condition of an aircraft and its components (When performed correctly).

The success of the entire maintenance process is dependent on the ability of the maintenance staff to perform inspections in the best way & to understand why we are performing inspections. (The criteria by which the object / Area is being measured.)

Important note: It is this “Inspection” knowledge that makes the difference and makes you into an Effective Inspector - This recurrent training is aimed at updating existing Inspection Staff.

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EASA Part 145 Back to Basics - Quite simply it is an in-depth review of the EASA Part 145 Regulatory Requirements fully focused on the needs and obligations of EASA Part 145 Certifying Staff.

This program works ideally as a recurrent training where it is either necessary or worthwhile to remind certifying staff regarding the importance of the essential role they perform within the organization

Course Details

The aims of the course are to revisit the fundamental roles responsibilities and obligations to give delegates a recurrent perspective on the importance of fully engaging with EASA Part 145 regulation. The training includes many practical examples of Part 145 Implementation and how to avoid potential problems together with detailed discussions regarding the challenges which are faced in the 145 workplaces and how to address them in a practical way.

The training will also promote the delegate's understanding concerning both airworthiness and maintenance principles, including a thorough understanding of the Role of Part 145 in all jurisdictions managed by an EASA Regulatory environment as applicable. In particular, the delegate will consider their individual responsibilities to ensure the positive development of the employee’s business area.

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EASA Recurrent Updates Parts (M-CAMO-145-21) - Any organizations seek to ensure their key operational, management & certifying staff remains current with EASA regulations. This course has been specifically developed as a recurrent course for people who have a fundamental understanding of the EASA regulatory environment and who are looking for updated training.

The course is aimed at all persons who need to maintain currency related to knowledge of Initial & Continuing Airworthiness. For the organization to meet its obligations in respect of Certification, Safety, Quality, & Regulatory Compliance.

Implementing & Delegated Regulations are considered together with AMC, GM, and Certification Specifications as appropriate.

Comments are Made / Shared which support additional understanding of Organisations Forthcoming obligations related to changes in the regulations.

This course is continually updated to remain effective and to support Initial & Continuing Airworthiness Recurrent Training.

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