Why Sofema Online Provides Free of Charge Guest Access to our Online Training Platform

Why Sofema Online Provides Free of Charge Guest Access to our Online Training PlatformAre you considering using an online platform to enable your employees to complete regulatory compliant and vocational training – if yes, can you try the software for free?

>> If the training provider is Sofema Online then the answer is Yes!

Sofema Online Welcomes Guest Enrollment from Decision Makers, Training Managers, and Quality Managers to both audit as well as assess the suitability of the material for your staff

Introduction – Sofema Online (SOL) provides Free of Charge (FOC) Guest Access

Sofema Online is the world leader in EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational training offering over 300 Courses, Packages, and Diplomas. We are very pleased to share that during 2022 we enrolled over 24,000 Delegates.

Steve Bentley FRAeS, CEO of Sofema explains why we decided to offer guest access to our clients and potential clients:

“By offering free guest access we are focusing on building relationships with our future clients, enabling them to evaluate our product as well as increasing visibility, building trust, continuously improving our platform through feedback as well as building relationships with potential users.”

  • • We want to allow potential users to experience the platform before making a commitment to purchase. This allows them to get a better understanding of the content and structure of the platform, and whether it meets their needs.
  • • Potential users will be able to see for themselves the quality of the content, the effectiveness of the platform’s delivery, and the user experience.
  • • By evaluating the platform’s features and functionality, our clients can determine whether the platform is the right fit for their organization’s needs.
  • • We also hope that by Increasing our platform visibility potential users who may not have been aware of the platform’s existence or were hesitant to purchase without trying it out first, can now access it for free.
  • • As an additional bonus, free guest access allows users to provide feedback on the platform’s content, delivery, and user experience.
  • • This feedback can help Sofema Online to make improvements and updates, which can lead to a better product in the long run.

>> This is why we have introduced two very special areas of the website related to course learning objectives and job role training requirements:
– Course Learning Objectives
– Job Role Training Requirements

Next Steps

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>> Contact [email protected] to share your current role and evaluation purpose, as well as the particular course you would like to try.