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SOL Clients

N.M., January 2022

Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Learning Path Diploma

"For anyone thinking of looking into using Sofema for courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone. All courses are very well laid out, informative and easy to follow. Exams are difficult enough (as you would expect) but if the hard work is put in through the courses, then you will get the results you want."
A.E., November 2021

CAMO Learning Path Diploma

"I definitely would recommend it, the best thing is that it covers almost all areas, and the way of presenting content and dividing it. Also, the control questions at the end of each module was a good thing, which makes follow up easier. I'll definitely follow up and get more courses regarding the CAMO part when they are available."
K.C., October 2021

Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma

" Overhaul experience on course completions were well received and structured. No issues. I recommend all the time and issue courses to Organizational Staff."
I.U., September 2021

CAMO Learning Path Diploma

"The experience was quite wholesome. The best feature for me was the VO courses. Whoever is behind those explanations always does a very good job."
G.S., September 2021

EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor Learning Diploma

"My overall experience was one of great satisfaction and how good the course was laid out with resource material added to download and digest. I have found the whole process very pleasant with excellent assistance when required.I will definitely look at further courses and put them to my company for approval"
I.T., August 2021

CAMO Learning Path Diploma

"The experience was great. The courses provided a thorough understanding of the EASA and CAMO environments. I would totally recommend it. One feature that I enjoyed is that you were initially presented the general idea in an understandable way and more details were provided after that. For most "students", it is very helpful first to understand the "big" picture and later to go deep into details."
R.M. July 2021

Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA - CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma

"Excellent. The material is clear, structured, easy to follow, and contains precise and usable information. Graphics are comprehensive and convincing. The VO function brings the courses (where available) to a “near classroom” experience with additional information and explanation."
D.M, July 2021

EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Learning Path Diploma

"Overall the course was very informative and the framework of the material was very well presented. The program was a great experience, and very well organized, a big thank you to the Sofema Team and the Instructors."
N.Q., June 2021

EASA Part 145/Part 147 Instructor Learning Diploma

"It was a very good experience. Everything was excellent, from the support to the website interaction."
D.J.M., June2021

Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive (ESDS) with VO

"The course structure and pace are really good. The added voice-over/dictation was very helpful in understanding certain aspects and certainly added value to the online course."
B.B., May 2021

Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA - CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma

"Overall training was very good, I could do the training at my own timing since I am busy with work. I can say that I have gained good knowledge in the field of quality auditing."
V.P. May 2021

Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA - CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma

"For me, as a beginner and junior associate in aviation completing the courses was a very good experience, very good organized."
R.C., May 2021

Recurrent package - HF, FTS, EWIS 1&2 with VO

"I thought the person who did the voice-over came across as very knowledgeable."
J.M. April 2021

CAMO Diploma

"This was one of a Learning experience, very brilliantly delivered at the comfort of home and with absolutely relevant content with real-life examples. Course materials were very professionally organized even for a person with no relevant background to attain a good amount of knowledge on the Aircraft Maintenance Industry. There were no system glitches or any sort of technical issues that happened."
S.J., April

EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor Learning Diploma

"It is excellent. The contents are well organized to understand and learned the subject. It would be the essential trading coursed for EASA maintenance operation with the limited travel environment."
R.D., March 2021

Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Learning Path Diploma

The Diploma learning experience was overall good, completely satisfied with it. I would and have already recommended it. I like the simple interface of your online platform and flexible policy regarding training schedule."
M.H.,March 2021

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Recurrent with VO

"Generally well done. Much better product than other service providers I´ve used in past. The narrator had very good real-life examples and background information regarding accidents, which were used as examples."
R.F., March 2021

CAMO Diploma

"Тhe explaining of the regulations were very good and easy to understand."
K.S., February 2021

Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA - CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma

"Easy to manoeuvre and navigate the site with the content list on the side. The reference tab is very useful, the voice over is a good feature, makes you focus and pay attention, also the opportunity to return to where you left, this is great!!"
N.S., February 2021

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment with VO

"The VO adds interesting bits of information and makes the presentation more interesting - that is a nice plus."
P.N., January 2021

CAMO Diploma

"The program has been very enlightening as I thought I knew a lot about CAMO, this really opened me up to the regulations and best practices. The presentations are also very simple and easy to understand. I am responsible for a CAMO Section at my organization and will make sure my subordinates complete some of these courses.Will certainly make do with some discounts."
D.J.M., December 2020

Aviation sms foundation with VO

"The variety of courses provided, extending from individual courses to diplomas certainly is an eye-opener for an individual who is passionate to learn and develop his knowledge and skills. The courses content overall is very informative, and the chronological structure of the courses is commendable."
D.J.R., December 2020

Quality & Safety in an EASA Environment Learning Path Diploma

"The overall experience was colourful, informative as well as comprehensive. I would definitely recommend the program, the layout covers all the essential legislation and important rules and regulations."
G.S., December 2020

Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma

"It was a very detailed enjoyable course. Overall I found the experience very useful. I found out many new things.
D.K., November 2020

CAMO Diploma

"I can recommend it, and especially that, you can split it up in modules that cover you, whatever your position is."
S. J., October 2020

CAMO Diploma

"I’m very happy with the content of the course. You can take the courses whenever you have the time available plus the full year you can have access to your personal part of the site."
M. B., September 2020

Approved Maintenance Organisation

"Courses are very comprehensive, clear, well presented. VO is great. Your team is very helpful, responsive and understanding."
A. I., September 2020

Quality & Safety in an EASA Environment

"Overall experience Very Positive, all information provided very clear, helpful and objective. Especially I liked courses with VO, in fact, I think it provides more detailed and supportive knowledge! Yes, sure, will recommend! Very flexible in time, good on-line support features and not the last thing at the moment good and affordable prices."
B. D., September 2020

Flight & Ground Operations

"The experience of taking the courses was excellent, there were no problems during the training. The best feature is a flexible course schedule."
A. D, July, 2020

EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor

"I believe that the course has been very well organized, the courses with VO are amazing! I am going to highly recommend it. The best feature of the course is the accessibility, plus its content, I think it contains the main points in every topic."
M.P, September, 2020

CAMO Learning Path Diploma, Recurrent package - HF, FTS, EWIS 1&2 with VO

"Easy access. Well structured, The Part-M course will be 100% helpful!"
H.B., July, 2020

Stores and Incoming Inspection, Aircraft Technical Records

"The course has given me more clarity in what I expected, I can access the course at any time and anywhere, there are some links provided to have more information on a particular subject. The courses really provide needful and understandable information."
D.B., June, 2020

CAMO Learning Path Diploma

"Taking the entire diploma course on the go really helped me to relate the individual courses with each other and gave me a better perspective of the whole Continuing Airworthiness Management concept. This is actually an advantage of the diploma programme."
A.C., April, 2020

CAMO Learning Path Diploma

"The course is interesting and complete, clear and user friendly. I would definitely recommend the program, the best feature is the interactive links to youtube videos and practical visual examples."
L.K., March, 2020

SMS for Accountable Managers, Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives

“That was a very intense and comprehensive course corresponded to all of my expectations.”
S.F., March, 2020

EWIS for Target Groups 1 and 2 (Recurrent) with VO

“Everything is very good and convenient!”
I.O., February, 2020

EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation

“The course has great value and is easy to understand”
M.E., February, 2020

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment with VO

“It was a good introduction of how CAMO is working within the environment of EASA”
N.A., February, 2020

Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment Fundamentals with VO

“Relevant content and good overall impression.The VO adds interesting bits of information and makes the presentation more interesting.”
A.M., January 2020

Production Planning Basics

"Very beneficial, the major issues were explained in the course."
R.A., December, 2019

Stores and Incoming Inspection

"The course was definitely helpful for me as it cleared the basic concepts and gave me innovative ideas to implement in my own organization."
K.R., November 2019

Fuel Tank Safety (Recurrent) with VO

"All aspects of this course were useful. I mostly liked that there were videos for better understanding and practical questions."
R.C., October 2019

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Initial) with VO

"I liked the voice-over included as well as the embedded videos which gave me the opportunity to understand the content better."
J.L., September 2019

SMS 1: General Intro to SMS with VO

"I am impressed with the variety of courses that Sofema offers."
T.R., August 2019

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Initial) with VO

"Very positive, it get over the point of how important the job is and how little things you do or don't do can have a big impact."
K.C., June 2019

EASA Ground OPS Post Holder Training

"Very interesting and informative!"
P.N., May 2019

Aircraft Inspection Techniques

"Very useful and informative. I find Sofema have a useful variety of courses."
P.M., March 2019

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package

"Every aspect was very useful in its own unique way."
Y.P., January 2019

EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation

"Good. Very informative and usage of simple terms makes it much easier to understand, especially for beginners."
M.H., January 2019

Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Airport Staff

"It is excellent and very convenient on which I can study on my own phase. The course is perfect!"