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We're excited to share our Sofema Online Aviation Community, specially designed for individuals like you. Your valuable insights and contributions are highly anticipated, and we envision this group becoming an invaluable hub for Sofema Online users to connect and engage.

The primary aim of this community is to foster interaction among users of It serves as a dedicated platform where you can freely interact, share knowledge, and seek assistance on technical matters. Whether you're seeking advice or have expertise to offer, this forum offers a collaborative space for colleagues and fellow members to collaborate, discuss, and address queries related to any Jurisdiction: EASA, FAA, OTAR, UAE GCAA etc.

We believe that the Sofema Online Aviation Community will evolve into an essential resource, enabling users to pose regulatory and technical questions and receive thoughtful responses from a supportive community. Your participation will contribute to the growth and vibrancy of this platform, making it an even more valuable tool for all members. Join us in shaping this member group into a dynamic space where knowledge is shared, problems are solved, and connections are forged.

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